Takida - Too late

It’s not too late, It’s not tomorrow
Let go of the hate, let go of your sorrow

Inpatient raid, hoping to see you
Please don’t escape, I want to hold you

Cause the one thing I have is a burden to bear
Remorse is haunting, I swear

Keeping the faith, but wonder of lonesome
Frustrated again, it feels so wrong

Restless wait for something that’s over
Trying to rate, trying to be sober

I want to wake up with you
Hold me closer I’m here
All the things we been through
Before it’s too late, be mine

By nightfall you call, I must be dreaming
Empty walls, empty feelings

A demon of fear kills the big wild
Shameful tears, soon it’s alright

I’m leaving tonight, the loneliest ride
Our love is gone for all time
Calling the cold ones
All I have

Now It’s too late, now It’s tomorrow
I cannot hate, let go of my sorrow


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